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Report: Former JIAMDO Head Urges Missile Defense Applications for Cyber, EW Tech

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MissileDefenseArcher Macy, a former director of the Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization, believes the Pentagon should engage in dialogue to utilize cyber and electronic warfare technologies for missile defense, Breaking Defense reported Friday.

Sydney Freedberg Jr. writes Macy, who currently works as the vice president for U.S. Navy programs at Cypress International, said missile defense forces should at least know how to employ classified technologies to support their mission.

“We need to have enough people who understand what each of them is [and] a way to use them when the time comes,” Macy told the publication at a recent defense panel.

“The fact that only very few people know what [some of these capabilities] are make that very difficult.”

Macy suggests the formation of a global ballistic missile defense command that will work to integrate available technologies and resources, Freedberg reports.

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