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Denise Turner Roth: GSA Adjusts Strategies to Address Federal Agency Purchases

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Denise Turner Roth
Denise Turner Roth

Denise Turner Roth, head of the General Services Administration, told Federal Times in an interview published Tuesday that GSA has made technology and program changes to further help customer agencies manage their purchases.

She told editor Jill Aitoro the agency wants to help transform government-wide acquisition with the implementation of a category management business model and overhaul of the multiple award schedules program.

“Ultimately, having managers or people who are really responsible for a certain type of spend, strategically placed across government, I think is going to be of great benefit,” she added to Federal Times.

Additionally, Roth said GSA’s new blanket purchase agreement for agile services is one tool for the agency to expand partnership with vendors.

Roth said she believes agencies should take advantage of opportunities provided by the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

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