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NASA to Fly New Space Tech Payloads

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deep_spaceNASA is set to launch eight space technology payloads on reduced gravity flights aboard aircraft and commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicles.

The space agency said Wednesday it selected five technology payloads for parabolic flights, two projects for sRLV flights and one payload for both flight platforms.

The technologies are set for launch in 2016 and 2017, with the Integrated Spaceflight Services and ZeroG Corp. conducting the parabolic flights and Blue Origin, EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies and Virgin Galactic on the suborbital reusable launch vehicle flights.

Teams from Orbital Technologies, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Creare, University of Central Florida, Final Frontier Design, Orbital Medicine and University of Louisville developed the space technologies.

The projects are part of NASA’s Flight Opportunities program.

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