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GSA’s 18F Selects $1 Bid in Federal Open-Source Code Acquisition Contest

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source codeThe General Services Administration’s 18F unit says it has found in an experiment that the “micro-purchase” approach could be used to buy open-source codes for federal digital projects.

V. David Zvenyach, acquisition management director at 18F, writes in a post published Friday that 18F picked the winning bid of $1 for the experiment’s initial iteration through the “reverse auction” approach.

In less than a week, the winning bidder submitted a code that satisfied the agency’s acceptance criteria, Zvenyach reports.

Brendan Sudol, the winning bidder and software engineer at Simon Data, submitted a source code to load data from the Schedule 70 contract vehicle into Contract-Awarded Labor Category website.

Zvenyach noted that small businesses comprised almost half of the bidders for the experiment and that $50 was the common bid increment.

He also mentioned some of the lessons learned from 18F’s micro-purchase experiment, including the development of the Google Form and an online application that works to manage and facilitate bids for the experiment.

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