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Cisco’s Marty Roesch: Framework Needed to Prevent Escalation in US-Foreign Nation Cyber War

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cyberSome U.S. companies believe a cyber warfare is looming due to the federal government’s hesitation to retaliate against foreign hackers or allow companies to strike back, FCW reported Friday.

Zach Noble writes government and industry participants at a Chertoff Group-hosted panel discussion Thuyrsday think the U.S. and a suspected nation-state actor can avoid an escalation of cybersecurity-related conflicts through an agreement.

“Unless we have some kind of framework around what that something can be… what’s to really stop it from turning into the Wild West or having levels of escalation that nobody’s prepared for?” said Marty Roesch, a vice president and chief architect at Cisco‘s security business group, according to FCW.

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