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NSF Picks 28 Universities for Internet-Based Manufacturing Research Projects; James Kurose Comments

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cyberThe National Science Foundation has awarded grants worth $6.5 million combined to research teams at 28 universities to conduct research, design and test Internet-based manufacturing operating platforms.

Researchers will also work to develop new applications designed to help companies select manufacturing methods, streamline the production of various products and determine facilities for fabrication operations, NSF said Oct. 2.

“While manufacturing industries extensively use the Internet now, NSF aims to fuel an Internet-based transformation that will make manufacturing tools and knowledge accessible to inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone ready to make an innovative idea real,” said James Kurose, assistant director for computer and information sciences and engineering at NSF.

The Engineering Directorate and the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate at NSF funded 30 research projects related to cyber manufacturing.

A research group at the University of Michigan will develop a cloud-based additive manufacturing process for the production of customized prostheses and orthotic devices, while the research team at Syracuse University will focus on the development of a manufacturing system for tissue engineering.

Click here to view the full list of NSF’s award recipients.

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