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Maj. Gen. VeraLinn Jamieson: Air Force Aims to Predict Cyberspace Operations With Algorithm

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VeraLinn Jamieson
VeraLinn Jamieson

A U.S. Air Force official has said the service branch has initiated efforts to develop a mathematical algorithm that aims to predict cyber operations, Defense Systems reported Thursday.

Maj. Gen. VeraLinn “Dash” Jamieson, director of intelligence at the Air Combat Command, said her office has started to collaborate with nonprofit policy think tank RAND Corp. to create an algorithm that will work to forecast cyber weapons’ effects, Mark Pomerleau writes.

“We believe we have the start of an algorithm that will actually be able to look at being able to predict the effects of cyber capabilities,” Jamieson said at a Mitchell Forum-hosted event.

“We’ve had one year of study, we had six cases that we evaluated – four were traditional cyber, two were electronic warfare.”

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