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John Honeycutt Appointed to Manage NASA’s Space Launch System Program

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John Honeycutt
John Honeycutt

John Honeycutt, a 16-year NASA veteran and formerly deputy manager of the Space Launch System program, has been named SLS program manager.

He succeeds Todd May and will supervise more than 4,200 civilian and contractor employees who are assigned to perform planning, acquisition, development, testing, evaluation and operational services for NASA’s future heavy-lift rocket, the agency said Thursday.

Honeycutt has served as the project’s deputy manager over the past two years and oversaw SLS engine tests and design reviews.

He previously worked as manager of the Space Shuttle External Tank Project, deputy manager in the SLS program stages office and deputy chief engineer for the SLS initiative at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.

He joined NASA in 1999 after nine years of work as a contractor in multiple agency missions.

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