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James Clapper Talks Transparency, Cyber, IC ITE, Clearance Reform at PSC Event

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James Clapper
James Clapper

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper discussed the Intelligence Community’s programs in support of government transparency, cybersecurity, clearance reform and the information technology enterprise during last week’s Professional Services Council conference.

He said in his prepared remarks published Friday that the contracted workforce continues to have an important role in IC programs amid the threat of a government shutdown and changing contracting needs.

Clapper noted that the President’s Daily Intelligence Briefings are part of the drive for an open government, while IC ITE works to integrate all IT systems and networks into one cloud-based enterprise in order to streamline and secure operations.

Cybersecurity continues to be the top national security threat and will need continued effort from both government and industry, he added.

He advised conference participants to adopt practices such as software patching, data segmentation, awareness of government-issued threat bulletins and awareness of spear phishing tactics.

According to Clapper, the IC also works on the continuous evaluation of information used in background checks as part of the clearance system reform.

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