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Gary Martin: Army PEO C3T to Focus on WIN-T Increment 2 Deployment in 2016

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Gary Martin
Gary Martin

Gary Martin, program executive officer for the Army PEO Command Control Communications-Tactical, has told C4ISR & Networks PEO C3T will continue to prioritize the deployment of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 in 2016.

Martin said in an interview published Friday the service branch will field next year the mobile aspect of the WIN-T Increment 2 program, which received approval to enter the full-rate production phase during the summer of 2015.

He told C4ISR & Networks editor Barry Rosenberg PEO-C3T expects to begin fielding Rifleman radios late next year once it completes the initial operational evaluation stage.

Manpack radios are in the procurement process and scheduled to undergo operational testing by 2016, according to Martin.

Click here to read Martin’s full interview.

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