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Ashton Carter Recommends Veto of DoD Policy Bill for FY 2016

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Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has recommended a veto of the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2016 if it reaches the White House in its present form, The Hill reported Wednesday.

Kristina Wong writes that Carter told reporters at a briefing that President Barack Obama has also indicated his plan to veto the bill due to the proposed spending levels.

Congress has reached a compromise on the included provisions and scheduled a vote in the House on Thursday and the Senate next week, the report said.

Wong reports that while the NDAA’s authorized $612 billion fund for the Defense Department meets the White House’s requested amount and the spending caps, $38 billion is included under the overseas contingency operations funds rather than the base DoD budget.

David Alexander of Reuters also reports that Carter further noted what he perceives as the bill’s disregard for the Pentagon’s cost-saving reform efforts.

“[That] is taking dollars that I already regard as short for national defense and using them in a way which we… have determined is not in the national interest,” the defense secretary said, according to the report.

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