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Wash Post: US Plans Issuance of Economic Sanctions to Tackle China’s Online Espionage

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CyberCrimeKeyboardThe White House is looking to impose sanctions on Chinese individuals and businesses that have used trade secrets stolen from the U.S. through cyber espionage, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Ellen Nakashima writes some unnamed officials said they expect the Obama administration to decide whether to implement the restrictions within the next two weeks.

The move follows the April issuance of an executive order that authorizes the Treasury Department to freeze the accounts and assets of foreign malicious actors.

Companies from other countries engaged in stealing U.S. trade secrets could also be hit with the sanctions package, the Post reports.

Nakashima said the White House also plans to voice concerns over China’s activities in cyberspace when Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Washington next month for a meeting with President Obama.

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