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U.S. Soldiers to Test Portable Satcom Kit at CBRN Threat Mgmt Drill

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mobileU.S. Army personnel will use portable satellite communications equipment to exchange forensic information about various threats during the Network Intergration Evaluation exercise in October, according to an article published Aug. 19 on the Army website.

Specially trained soldiers are set to demonstrate the Global Rapid Response Information Package at the NIE 16.1 event at Fort Bliss, Texas, where they will face realistic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threat scenarios.

GRRIP is designed to help military users deliver voice, data and video communications via secure Internet protocol and non-secure IP router access point terminals.

“With GRRIP we can paint a picture of the battleground, a common operating picture for the commanders, so they can make informed decisions as to what needs to be done for those particular threats,” said Lt. Col. Dirk Barber, task force chief of nuclear disablement team 3 at the Army’s 20th CBRNE Command.

The Army developed the platform to also provide defense and civilian agencies the information they need to understand what CBRNE command units see at operational sites.

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