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RSC’s Bill Flores Outlines Provisions on Omnibus Appropriations Bill

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CongressRep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, has outlined the provisions in a new omnibus appropriations bill that he said will fully fund national security efforts in fiscal year 2016.

According to an RSC document released Tuesday, the proposed Responsible Spending and Accountability Act combines the House’s six approved appropriations bills and six marked-up bills by the Appropriations Committee.

Flores noted that RSAA will meet both the adopted budget resolution in Congress and the spending caps in the Budget Control Act through across-the-board spending adjustments.

RSAA also seeks to defund abortion providers, Obamacare and policies related to President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, the document stated.

Other provisions focus on medical care for infants who are born alive, the implementation of a ban on the sale of fetal tissue and the suspension of the president’s authority to ease or lift sanctions on Iran.

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