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Profile: Maj. Gen. Roger Teague, Director of Space Programs at USAF Acquisition Office

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Maj. Gen. Roger Teague
Roger Teague

Maj. Gen. Roger Teague serves as director of space programs within the office of the U.S. Air Force assistant secretary for acquisition and holds responsibility over the military branch’s space-related technology development and procurement strategies.

Prior to his current role, Teague directed strategic plans, programs and analyses at the Air Force Space Command in Colorado and worked as vice commander at AFSPC’s Space and Missile Systems Center in California.

He also managed the launch, testing and operational deployment of three Milstar communication satellites during his tenure as 4th Space Operations Squadron commander.

Teague also led the Space-Based Infrared Systems Space Group and SBIRS Wing, where he oversaw the management of geosynchronous, two polar orbiting payloads and a defense support program satellite.

He was commissioned after he earned a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy in 1986.

He also holds an MBA degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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