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DHS Picks UCSD, USC for New DDOS Defense Contracts; Reginald Brothers Comments

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cybersecurityThe Department of Homeland Security‘s science and technology directorate has awarded $3.1 million in contracts to the University of California San Diego and University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute to develop defense tools against distributed-denial-of-service attacks.

UCSD will work to develop platforms and processes to advance the use of source address validation techniques in the Internet under the $1.3 million Surveying Spoofing Susceptibility in Software Systems contract, DHS said Wednesday.

USC-ISI will work to detect and prevent potential DDoS attacks through the development of the Software dEfiNed Security Service platform that aims to help users monitor and control Internet traffic under the $1.8 million SENSS: Software Defined Network Security Service contract, DHS says.

“S&T is researching ways to use existing hardware to mitigate DDoS attacks to create faster solutions,” said Reginald Brothers, undersecretary for science and technology at DHS.

“Securing our nation’s networks in the event of a DDoS attack will ensure that businesses keep operating.”

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