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Senate Democrats Call For Bipartisan FY 2016 Budget Negotiations in Letter

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CapitolDomeThe Senate Democratic Caucus has called on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to hold an initial round of bipartisan budget negotiations “as soon as possible” to avoid a potential fiscal crisis in the fall.

In a letter published Tuesday on the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee website, the 46 members of the caucus urged McConnell to schedule the negotiations so that the Senate can reach an agreement on the fiscal 2016 budget.

The senators noted that a budget agreement is critical to ensure the government continues its operations without interruption even as less than two months are left of the current fiscal year.

“Inaction and failure to responsibly restore sequester-level cuts in [FY 2016] appropriations bills will have real consequences for our country,” the letter said.

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