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OMB: House Appropriations Bills Would Trigger $2B in Non-Defense Spending Reductions

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BudgetThe Office of Management and Budget has detailed potential budget cuts to defense and non-defense discretionary programs for fiscal 2016 in a sequestration update report the agency submitted to the White House and Congress.

The report, signed by OMB Director Shaun Donovan, forecasts that non-defense programs will face almost $1.8 billion in spending reductions if Congress approves House-crafted FY 2016 spending bills, OMB said Thursday.

OMB noted that Senate legislative actions comply with non-defense spending limits for the next fiscal year.

The agency also projects that passage of 2016 appropriations bills that have been introduced in the House will result to $3 million in across-the-board defense budget cuts.

Similar proposals in the Senate would trigger a budget reduction of approximately $1 million to defense programs, the report states.

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