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NASA to Fund 8 Space Exploration Tech Research Projects; Steve Jurczyk Comments

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SpaceExplorationTechEight university-led research teams could receive up to $600,000 in grants from NASA over three years to experiment with space exploration technologies for the agency.

NASA said Friday the projects aim to examine high-temperature solar cells, atmospheric entry models, tensegrity structures and synthetic biology methods for space food, medical items and building materials production.

“Investments in these technologies and technologists is essential to ensure NASA and the nation have the capabilities necessary to meet the challenges we will face as we journey to Mars,” said Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator of the space technology mission directorate at NASA’s Washington headquarters.

Early-career academic researchers submitted the proposals through NASA’s Space Technology Research Grants Program.

The program’s goal is to aid universities in their efforts to develop scientific and space technologies for government and industry use.

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