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Deloitte-GBC Survey: Federal Managers Express Confidence in Their Agencies’ Quality of Customer Service

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hiringA new survey by Deloitte Digital and the Government Business Council has found that 67 percent of federal managers believe the quality of customer service their agencies provide is equal to that of the industry.

More than 60 percent of respondents say their organizations work to provide services based on the specific needs of clients, while 47 percent think their agencies perform well in gathering customer feedback, the auditing firm said in a report published Aug. 4.

At least 30 percent of respondents cited their organizations’ efforts to prioritize process improvements and 15 percent said their agencies have taken steps to align employee incentives with customer-focused service.

Some survey respondents have raised concerns about the lack of resources among federal agencies to immediately deploy technology platforms designed to improve customer service delivery, according to the report.

“As agencies work to strengthen public confidence and satisfaction with government services, their efforts can benefit from focusing on their customers – everything from how they develop new processes to deploy digital solutions,” said Greg Pellegrino, principal and customer strategy specialist at Deloitte Consulting.

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