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Deltek’s Alex Rossino: Defense Appropriations Bill Indicates Continued DoD Spending Increase

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BudgetThe budget proposed in the Senate’s defense appropriations bill for fiscal year 2016 indicates that military spending continues to rise despite some cuts in base funds for the service branches, Deltek‘s Alex Rossino said.

He wrote in a blog entry posted Tuesday that increases in the budget for overseas contingency operations would make up for reductions in base spending areas such operations and maintenance as well as procurement.

Rossino said the bill, which the White House has said it would block, shows no inclination for Congress “to cut defense spending or to stick with sequestration spending caps, even though those caps are poised to rise as we move toward 2020.”

He noted that lawmakers will seek greater financial commitment to defense research, development, test and evaluation activities in fiscal 2016 even as funding for military personnel remains steady amid cuts in the size of the forces.

“[If] the budget impasse is not resolved by the passage of revised legislation, we are likely to see Continuing Resolutions in FY 2016, if not an omnibus budget package that attempts to revise Budget Control Act caps,” Rossino added.

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