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Army Multi-Function EW System to Enter Service in 2023; Jeffrey Church Comments

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electronics motherboard microchip_EBizThe U.S. Army’s multi-function electronic warfare system is set to begin service in 2023 as the Army faces funding limits to its fielded EW systems at present, Breaking Defense reported Monday.

Col. Jeffrey Church, chief of electronic warfare on the Army’s Pentagon staff, told Breaking Defense’s Sydney Freedberg Jr. the Army lacks funding for MFEW due to ongoing force downsizing and sequestration.

“Right, now MFEW is not a program,” he told the publication.

“We’re on about the fifth rewrite of the MFEW [capabilities development document],” Church said, noting that the EW program will receive budget once the CDD is completed.

The EW system comprises sensors and jammers installed in unmanned aerial systems intended to help protect soldiers, according to the report.

MFEW is scheduled to achieve full operational capability in 2027, Freedberg reports.

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