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Deborah Lee James: Air Force Eyes Future US Space Capabilities

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Deborah Lee James
Deborah Lee James

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has highlighted the service’s current programs and future investments in human space flight operations and efforts to advance U.S. space capabilities, DoD News reported Thursday.

Amaani Lyle writes that James spoke earlier this week before the Center for American Progress on the impact of space flight advancement on both defense and nondefense domains.

“Space-based capabilities and effects are vital today to U.S. warfighting, homeland security and, indeed, to our way of life,” the secretary said.

She noted that the U.S. must explore strategies for building defense and situational awareness in space as threats continue to increase.

James also indicated that the certification of SpaceX and long-term support of United Launch Alliance help bolster the industrial base for military launch services.

Flights to Mars could soon follow these developments as part of the Air Force’s overall vision for future space capabilities, Lyle reports.

“The U.S. space infrastructure will grow to include capabilities such as on-orbit servicing, assembly of large orbiting structures and routine use of extraterrestrial resources,” James added.air-force-tile-ad

The report said the Air Force seeks to foster innovation, collaboration with industry, talent acquisition and investments in doctrine, training and tactics to drive national space programs.

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