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Damon Davis: HHS Refreshes Healthdata.gov Web Portal

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healthcare systemThe Department of Health and Human Services has launched a beta version of the HealthData.gov website in an effort to refresh the federal government’s health data repository.

Damon Davis, HHS director for the health data initiative, wrote in a blog post published Thursday that the portal’s underlying technology has been updated in order to achieve performance goals.

“Upon that foundation we’ll aim to build out a more robust set of tools and dashboards that our community of data users can rely on while supporting one another in understanding and more efficiently using the data resources that are available,” Davis wrote.

The new website contains health, social services and research data.

Davis said HHS began to roll out the updates with a migration of existing catalog content to NuCivic’s Drupal-based DKAN open data platform.

He added that his team plans to test the website’s performance and establish “a blank canvas” upon which the HHS would enhance the repository over time.

“Later, we’ll be implementing tools to promote better sort and search, easily previewing data resources such as charts and maps, linking you to other datasets you might be interested in,” Davis wrote.

He said the HHS is seeking public feedback on the website’s features and other requirements.

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