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IARPA to Launch Contest on Cyber Attack Prediction; Rob Rahmer Comments

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IARPA_logo_EMThe Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity‘s Office for Anticipating Surprise is set to launch a four-year contest to develop new technology that can predict potential cyber attacks, Nextgov reported Tuesday via Defense One.

Aliya Sternstein writes that both the private sector and academia are anticipating the upcoming broad agency announcement on the “Cyber-attack Automated Unconventional Sensor Environment” project that seeks to build forecast capabilities for cybersecurity.

“Instead of reporting relevant events that happen today or in previous days, decision makers will benefit from knowing what is likely to happen tomorrow,” Rob Rahmer, CAUSE program manager at IARPA, told Nextgov.

He said current measures focus on analyzing the symptoms or effects rather than the cause of cyber attacks.

“The goal is not to replace human analysts but to assist in making sense of the massive amount of information available,” Rahmer added.

Sternstein reports that the target technology leverages available data such as network activity to identify patterns and estimate the likely occurrence of attacks.

More than 100 interested parties attended the proposers’ day and informational workshop in late January, the report said.

IARPA noted that CAUSE will look at a participant’s speed in forecasting the potential attack target, the method and time of attack, and the location of the threat.

The agency is yet to confirm if contestants can use supercomputers and federal computing resources, Sternstein notes.

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