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James Comey Backs FBI’s North Korea-Linked Sony Hack Findings

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James Comey
James Comey

FBI Director James Comey is confident of the agency’s evidence linking the North Korean government to a destructive hack at Sony Pictures Entertainment in late 2014, Wired Magazine reported Wednesday.

“I have very high confidence in this attribution, as does the entire intelligence community,” he told an audience at a Fordham Law School-hosted cybersecurity forum Wednesday.

Andy Greenberg writes Comey said the hackers failed to use proxy servers on multiple occasions to mask their Internet protocol addresses when they broke into Sony’s computer systems.

Comey added the agency compared the extensive cyber attack on Sony with the agency’s “red team” simulations to find clues about how the breach could have happened, according to the magazine.

He also noted some of the findings came from an FBI team of behavioral analysis professionals who are trained to analyze adversaries based on their actions and writings.

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