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White House Launches New Programs to Develop, Recognize Federal Workforce

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WhiteHousePresident Barack Obama has announced new initiatives to recognize senior government leaders and build up their skills in serving the American public.

The White House launched a leadership development program to train officials that compose the Senior Executive Service, the Office of Management and Budget said Tuesday.

Civil servants and SES candidates will work with multiple federal agencies on the government’s “highest priority, highest impact challenges” on a rotational basis under that program.

The first cohort will begin in 2015, the OMB says.

The White House also formed an advisory group to provide input on the administration’s initiatives to develop the SES corps.

The group will help the federal government recruit, develop and retain senior career leaders, as well as develop accountability mechanisms for senior officials.

President Obama also announced a customer service awards program to recognize federal employees based on their performance, highlight customer service improvements and replicate best practices.

The non-monetary awards consist of the Secretary Customer Service Awards and Presidential Customer Service Awards.

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