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Los Alamos Nat’l Lab Updates Bioinformatics Research Tool; Ben McMahon Comments

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DNAThe Los Alamos National Laboratory has updated its Sequedex bioinformatics software that works to identify DNA sequences from viruses and other microorganisms to aid medical treatment, research and diagnosis functions.

LANL said Monday that the new version classifies DNA fragments by recognizing patterns and linking them to their function and phylogeny based on a database of previously classified genomes.

“Sequedex software can now identify sequences from viruses and fungi at parts-per-million levels in a sequenced sample,” said Benjamin McMahon, a scientist in LANL’s theoretical biology and biophysics group.

The software helps researchers or healthcare professionals analyze DNA sequences at a faster pace and features functions for self-updates and the plotting of results, LANL said.

Sequedex is a recipient of R&D Magazine’s 2012 R&D 100 award.

McMahon and fellow LANL scientists Joel Berendzen, Judith Cohn, Mira Dimitrijevic and Nick Hengartner developed Sequedex.

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