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Bryan Sivak: HHS Seeks New Entrepreneurs for 12-Month Program

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Bryan Sivak
Bryan Sivak

The Department of Health and Human Services has opened the third round of its program to find new entrepreneurs to work on the agency’s technological projects.

Bryan Sivak, HHS’ chief technology officer for nearly two years, wrote in a blog post that the department will accept applicants until July 16 for the HHS Entrepreneurs program, which began in 2010 and will resume in September.

The new set of entrepreneurs would join the HHS team for 12 months, according to Sivak.

Entrepreneurs will work on age- and disability-related digital media, a healthcare practitioner certification portal, a mortality data and analytics system upgrade for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, database design and de-identified claims data tasks.

Up to 20 internal and eight external entrepreneurs will work on four to six projects in every challenge.

Internal entrepreneurs will continue to lead a project beyond the tenure of entrepreneurs coming from the outside community.

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