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DC, Minnesota Officials Share Health Exchange Prep Strategies

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StethescopeonKeyboardGovernment contractors and employees worked together under a tight deadline in an effort to get health insurance marketplaces online, Nextgov reported Friday.

Joseph Marks writes HIX teams in Washington, D.C. and Minnesota conducted a series of load and stress tests, performed system updates and gathered input from consumers before they went live Oct. 1.

“Essentially, most of my office, the folks who are the experts here, we sent them to our IT site to be there all day, every day testing the portal for functionality,” Mila Kofman, executive director of D.C.’s Health Benefit Exchange told the publication.

The District wants its marketplace to eventually have a tool intended to help buyers access a provider directory for a specific plan, according to the report.

“What you want on a project like this is a true, seamless partnership between your [consumer off the shelf products] providers, your internal IT staff and your business partners,” Jesse Oman, assistant commissioner for projects and initiatives for Minnesota’s IT office, told Nextgov.

Minnesota state officials placed the MNsure marketplace within a government-owned cloud computing infrastructure to prepare for increased demand, Marks reports.

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