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EPA Assembles Panel to Review Fracking Report to be Released in 2014; Bob Perciapsepe Comments

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epa_logoThe Environmental Protection Agency has selected a number environmental experts to examine its report about a natural gas and oil extraction method called fracking, according to a Reuters article.

The 31-member team come from U.S. universities, companies, and laboratories to review EPA’s hydraulic fracturing report to be released in 2014.

“We have worked to ensure that the study process be open and transparent throughout, and the SAB (scientific advisory board) panel is another example of our approach of openness and scientific rigor,” said Bob Perciasepe, EPA Acting Administrator.

The EPA screened 144 candidates in August 2012 to find the 31 experts included in the panel.

According to Reuters, “fracking involves forcing large volumes of water laced with chemicals and sand deep underground to crack rock and free oil and natural gas.”

Critics of fracking worry that drilling near schools and homes can pollute water and air causing people to become sick.

Proponents of the method say the report could lead to stiff regulations which hamper energy companies’ ability to provide natural gas.

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