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DIA Director: Share Info, Share it Fast

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The increased sharing of information and the increased speed of information are crucial to future military operations, Army Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess Jr. said Tuesday.

The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency spoke to about 200 people at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Burgess addressed both the Program of Terrorism and Security Studies and the Seminar on Transatlantic Civil Security.

The DIA deploys 875 people in theaters around the world. Now, experts are leaving the Washington, D.C., region and working right alongside those fighting in wars.

“Intelligence is just one line of information coming into a commander,” Burgess said. “As such, they deserve our best assessment of what is going to happen. They should demand it.”

Burgess also addressed the potential pitfalls of increased information sharing, like the events leading to Wikileaks.

“You can’t let an event like that slow down what you know to be the goodness of what it is you’re trying to do,” Burgess said. “While that happens, you need to fix what may have caused leaks like that and ensure you put safeguards in place that allow you to protect information.”

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