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Virginia Tech Team Wins EPA Award for Clean Ecosystem Solution

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waterA team of students from Virginia Tech has won federal funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a project that could potentially help scientists keep water ecosystems clean and healthy.

EPA awarded a $9,927 P3 grant–People, Prosperity and the Planet–to the Virginia Tech team to further design its project for possible implementation in the field. The team’s winning contribution consisted of developing a method of using bacteria to decrease nitrate levels in a local stream so plants and sea life could flourish in a clean and healthy ecosystem.

“These innovative students from Virginia Tech not only develop technologies for a greener future, but demonstrate the passion and innovative thinking that will lead us there,” said Shawn M. Garvin, regional administrator for EPA’s mid-Atlantic region.

This national competition encourages college students to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems through technological innovation. The solutions must be environmentally friendly, efficiently use natural resources and be economically competitive. Each P3 award winner gets funding to further work on a project for future use.

Virginia Tech was one of 14 universities winning EPA’s 2010 P3 award. More information on Virginia Tech’s project and the other winners is available on EPA’s website.

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