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Clean Air Act Update from EPA

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Clean-AirStationary sources will not be required to get Clean Air Act permits to cover greenhouse gases before January 2011. This was a decision issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday.

The goal of this decision is to give enough time to bigger industrial facilities to put better, more innovative technologies in place. The January 2011 deadline will also allow state governments enough time to find the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon pollution.

EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, said, “This is a common sense plan for phasing in the protections of the Clean Air Act. It gives large facilities the time they need to innovate, governments the time to prepare to cut greenhouse gases and it ensures that we don’t push this problem off to our children and grandchildren.”

She continued on to say, “With a clear process in place, it’s now time for American innovators and entrepreneurs to go to work and lead us to the clean energy economy of the future.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is focused on addressing the largest sources first and hopes to have a vehicle green house gas standard issued in the near future.

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