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Cybersecurity Act Passed by House

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cyber_security_400Today, February 4th, 2010, the House passed the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, H.R. 4061. The act was passed with overwhelming support: a 422 to 5 vote.

This legislation included the reauthorization of several National Science Foundation cybersecurity programs. It also is put into place in order to improve the movement of cybersecurity technologies to public and marketplace.

According to Eweek.com, House Science and Technology Chairman Bart Gordon, stated, “Improving cybersecurity will require a collaborative effort both domestically and internationally.”

“H.R. 4061 accomplishes this by the development of international cybersecurity technical standards and best practices and by creating a strategic vision for federal cybersecurity R&D.”

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, which is the first major cybersecurity legislation in the past year, now moves to forward to the Senate for consideration.


  1. There Goes thew neighborhood! or country ! kiss your rights goodbye corperate takeover of america

  2. Well here we go getting more and more into a police state, and even with foreign country’s being able to tap into our lives! It is indeed a direct assault on Liberty in this country! Just think we elected these people to run our Liberty into the ground! I had a good life, but I worry for my Children and Grandchildren! They won’t see any where near the freedom that we enjoyed! Where do we go from here?

  3. why cant we all go to the white house with a list of names and send people to jail right then,this is treason and should be handled soon before they get away with this tyranny.I lost money,jobs,savings to this federal banking cabal now im losing my freedom,so im starting to taste blood when do we act. people thought barry would end the patriot act but he strengthened it,sent more troops after saying he would bring them home,LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES stop looting and raping us..take down these dam traffic cameras we dont want your policed stated basterds

  4. This act is a communist act. What is this country now ? OH i know its China! Get these politians out of office! This is a slap in the face to every american in this country. Everyone alert friends of the tyranny this country is overwhelming us with. Our strength is with numbers. Its a fight and i for one sure as hell wont back down to these controlling worms! It aint over yet! Stay positive cuz they want us to be negative , then we fit right into what they want!

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