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HHS To Request Public Comment

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laptop and stethoscopeThe Department of Health and Human Services is requesting public comment beginning this Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, on the new proposed regulations with the electronic healthcare system.

One of the main challenges is trying to figure out who should receive, or who is qualified to receive, part of the $19.2 billion in funds.  Another challenge is to define “use” or to make sure that the electronic records are being used properly and efficiently.

There are two different rules that the Department of Health and Human Services has formulated. These rules are extremely extensive and detailed, running more than 500 pages in length. On Wednesday, the public will be allowed to submit comments and concerns.

According to a Washington Business Journal article, comments may not all be so positive. There have been some concerns coming from hospitals that the HHS and the Obama administration are moving too quickly the push and move to electronic healthcare records.

Charlene Frizzera, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) acting administrator, stated in a HHS press release, “The definition and requirements for demonstrating meaningful use of EHR technology are proposals. CMS welcomes and will give serious consideration to comments that improve our proposal while achieving the goals of Congress established for the EHR incentive programs.”

For more detailed information, here is the link to a chart that explains meaningful use, and what specific EHR software is needed to achieve it.

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