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Who Are the Collins Aerospace Leaders and Executives?

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Who Are the Collins Aerospace Leaders and Executives?

Collins Aerospace, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies, is one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense product manufacturers. It provides services and solutions to shape the aerospace and defense industry. Collins Aerospace’s primary area of expertise is to reach new heights in the world of aviation while developing a more comfortable and safer travel for military leaders and travelers globally.

Get to know the best Collins Aerospace leaders and executives who continue to set the bar for cutting-edge solutions to commercial customers worldwide here.

Who Are the Founders of Collins Aerospace?

Collins Aerospace’s history dates back to 1933 when Rockwell Collins founded the Collins Radio Company, which initially manufactured and produced short wave radio equipment. After several acquisitions and expansions, Rockwell Collins, Inc. merged with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to form Collins Aerospace in 2018.

Where Is Collins Aerospace Headquarters?

Collins Aerospace headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It employs over 70,000 people in more than 300 locations along with four other businesses that form the Raytheon Technologies Corporation. The different U.S. facilities are the following, with their respective functions:

  • Melbourne, Florida: Produces aviation electronics and regional and business aircraft
  • Sterling, Virginia, Salt Lake City, Utah, and New York: Develops and designs simulation and training solutions
  • Richardson, Texas: Secure communications
  • Portland, Oregon: Develops and designs heap-up and helmet-mounted displays for military and commercial use
  • Tustin, California: Manufactures state-of-the-art cabin electronics systems

List of Collins Aerospace Leaders and Executives

Leadership of Collins Aerospace

Stephen Timm, President

Stephen Timm, President of Collins Aerospace

Stephen Timm is the current president of Collins Aerospace. He previously led the company’s Avionics Strategic Business Unit, which is responsible for cabin and flight deck information management solutions and aviation electronics advancements. Timm also became the vice president of the Commercial Avionics portfolio for Boeing and Airbus.

He has built a reputation for effective collaboration, communication, and strong customer focus as he led several important initiatives in his Rockwell Collins career. Lastly, he introduced the use of the Life Cycle Value Stream business framework that directs how Collins Aerospace serves customers today.

Samir Mehta, President of Advanced Structures

Samir Mehta, President of Advanced Structures

As the president of the company’s Advanced Structures Strategic Business Unit, Samir Mehta is responsible for managing a diverse portfolio focused on the aspects of flight. At Collins Aerospace, Mehta aims to integrate experience, style, diversity of thought, and background to develop new products and improve the existing ones.

Before obtaining this role, he led the Mechanical Systems business at UTC Aerospace Systems and Collins Aerospace. This includes the strategic course of the commercial and global military aftermarket business and customer service, such as:

  • Program management
  • Sales execution
  • Asset management
  • Technical support
  • Service entry

Troy Brunk, Avionics

Troy Brunk, leader of Collin Aerospace Avionics

Troy Brunk leads the Collins Aerospace Avionics Strategic Business Unit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He oversees airborne communications, advancing flight deck solutions, fire protection, sensors, and vision systems for military and commercial production. Mr. Brunk has over three decades of experience in leadership roles and led other strategic business units, including the following:

  • Vice president of communication, navigation, and guidance solutions for Mission Systems business for secure and resilient military communication and navigation solutions
  • Leader of the Interiors strategic business unit in North Carolina for aircraft interiors, e.g., lighting, seating, oxygen lighting, galley, evacuation, oxygen, etc.
  • General manager and president for Airborne solutions fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters

Jennifer Schopfer, President of Connected Aviation Solutions

Jennifer Schopfer, President of Connected Aviation Solutions

Jennifer Schopfer mainly focuses on advancing the company’s connected ecosystem solutions. As the president of Connected Aviation Solutions, one of her responsibilities includes the complete digital capabilities for developing solutions. This is vital to flight operations and predictive maintenance to help customers convert data into value and increase its overall efficiency while minimizing cost and maximizing the operations’ sustainability. In her previous roles, she was:

  • The chief information officer of the company
  • The vice president of Digital Technology
  • Vice president of Raytheon Technologies (Enterprise Services Integration and Transformation)

Edward Dryden, President of Interiors

Edward Dryden, President of Interiors

As the president of the Interiors Strategic Business Unit, Edward Dryden is responsible for leading the portfolio of aircraft interior systems (e.g., lighting, seating, lavatory, and de-icing). His mission is to develop reliable and innovative interior system solutions tailored to customers’ needs. He has served over 21 years to Collins and its heritage business, earning him an extensive experience in aftermarket, commercial, and defense.

Phil Jasper, Mission Systems

Phil Jasper, Leader of Mission Systems

As the leader of the Mission Systems strategic business unit, Phil Jasper is responsible for delivering government, civil, and military solutions to help customers’ safety and success in their most complex missions. He is a veteran with more than two decades of experience in the field committed to setting up innovations for warfighters’ safety and information. These innovations in military aircraft capabilities for specific missions include the following, which he intends to deliver the same approach to Collins Aerospace:

  • Control products and functions
  • Guidance products and functions
  • Intercept
  • Fueling
  • Airdrop

Henry Brooks, President of Power and Controls

Henry Brooks, President of Power and Controls

Henry Brooks is president of the Power and Controls Division. His responsibilities include delivering integrated solutions for clients in different segments, which are:

  • Industrial businesses
  • Electrical power systems
  • Engine controls
  • Aircraft environmental control systems

Before becoming president, Mr. Brooks supported implementing and developing the aerospace company’s enterprise-wide customer initiatives. He also helped the external and internal collaboration between the company’s employees and clients in the aerospace industry.

Isolde Karro, Chief Communications Officer

Isolde Karro, Chief Communications Officer of Collins Aerospace

In this position, Isolde Karro provides strategic management and executive direction for communications programs to benefit Collins Aerospace’s business partners, employees, and customers. She is also responsible for the company’s identity, external communications, marketing, corporate social responsibility program, and company culture.

Colin Mahoney, Customer and Account Management

Colin Mahoney, Customer and Account Management Leader

Mr. Mahoney is the leader of Collins Aerospace’s customer and account management. His responsibilities include supporting the implementation and development of customers’ initiatives. He facilitates the external and internal collaboration between employees, customers, and the aerospace industry. His prior role includes serving as the vice president of Business Development and Strategy for Collins Interiors business, where he was in charge of the following:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Account management
  • Sales

Mona Bates, Chief Information Officer

Mona Bates, Chief Information Officer

Mona Bates is experienced in digital technology, enabling her to improve business processes, drive success for clients, and boost the digital experience for the company’s employees. She has more than two decades of leadership and information technology experience in the defense, aerospace, and commercial sectors. Bates is responsible for executing and strategically planning facets in the cybersecurity and information technology department.

Mauro Atalla, Engineering and Technology

Mauro Atalla, Engineering and Technology Leader

Mauro Atalla is the leader of Collins Aerospace Engineering and Technology. He supervises the work of more than 15,000 engineers in almost 150 sites distributed in 24 countries. His responsibilities include leading Collins Aerospace central engineering and applied research institutions and promoting the program and technical execution excellence, employee career development, and technology innovations.

Kevin Myers, Enterprise Operations

Kevin Myers, Head of Enterprise Operations

As the head of Enterprise Operations at Collins Aerospace, Kevin Myers leads all aspects of the company’s end-to-end supply chain, operations, health and safety, quality, and environment. He has more than three decades of handling the company to be the industry’s operational leader through digital tools, top-notch manufacturing and supply chain networks, and talent development. This also includes global and advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Tatum Buse, Chief Financial Officer

Tatum Buse, Collins Aerospace Chief Financial Officer

Tatum Buse is Collins Aerospace’s chief financial officer. She has more than 24 years of expertise in the field. Her responsibilities include leading the planning, compliance, and financial reporting. Also, she was the vice president of the company’s Finance Shared Services and Integration, where she led a team responsible for delivering financial services and post-acquisition integration of tools and processes.

James Brooks, Human Resources

James Brooks, Human Resources

James Brooks leads Collins Aerospace HR, where he controls all aspects of human resource strategy, including team leaders of talent management, employee and labor relations, leadership growth, benefits, and compensation. With 20-year experience in the field, he was the previous vice president of the company’s human resources for Mechanical Systems Strategic Business Unit.

Christoph Feddersen, Legal, Contracts, and Compliance

Christoph Feddersen, Legal, Contracts, and Compliance

Christoph Feddersen is the head of legal, contracts, and compliance. He supervises and guides legal matters related to contracts, international trade compliance, litigation, and intellectual property. Feddersen has more than 20 years of experience in the field. He now empowers a global network of trade, contracts, and legal professionals to deliver legal advice, improve business objectives further, and ensure compliance with all applicable corporate policies and regulations.

Jeff Standerski, Strategic Development

Jeff Standerski, Strategic Development

Jeff Standerski is the leader of Collins Aerospace’s Strategic Development department. His responsibilities include setting the organization’s future business strategies, such as empowering revenue synergies in the company’s different strategic business units, namely:

  • Aerostructures
  • Avionics
  • Interior
  • Mechanical and mission systems
  • Power and controls

In addition, he was involved in the initial stages of developing and planning connected airplane technology in the industry and increasing the company’s wide range of offerings (e.g., flight support and communications services, information processing, and aviation network services).

What Does Collins Aerospace Do?

Collins Aerospace is a leading supplier of aircraft components, assemblies, and systems for the commercial, military, and general aviation industries. This section lists the different industries it serves.


Collins Aerospace offers integrated solutions for passenger processing and facilitation, airport operations, and baggage control so travelers can expect a more accessible and convenient experience.

Commercial aviation

Aerospace Collins has the expertise to deliver customized solutions for improving aircraft availability, sustainability, and maintainability. It focuses on passenger safety and comfort to maximize operational efficiency.


  • Rescue hoists: Goodrich rescue hoists have unmatched reliability and safety and hold the most FAA and EASA certifications in the industry.
  • Drive shafts and flexible couplings: transfer power from the engine to various gearboxes on rotary-wing and fixed aircraft.
  • Autopilot and imaging systems: TASE Imaging Systems and Piccolo Flight Management System.
  • Health and usage management systems: Increase helicopter safety and preparedness while saving on aircraft maintenance resources.

Military and Defense

Collins Aerospace provides various advanced and battle-efficient solutions in manned and unmanned platforms that benefit warfighters.

Business Aviation

Aerospace Collins offers customized solutions and world-class service, such as connected cockpits to ensure pilots’ safe and efficient flights.

Other Industries

Collins Aerospace is known for its innovative approaches to technologies in different industries. This includes beyond the boundaries of aerospace and defense to come up with solutions for critical infrastructure, rail, and marines, such as life rafts, network communications for trains, and other life support systems.

Is Collins Aerospace a Good Company to Work For?

Collins Aerospace is one of the best companies in the field of aerospace core companies. It provides opportunities for new job seekers to achieve their aspirations in their area of interest. The company selects the most deserving candidates and favors diversity, equity, and inclusion. It searches for innovators, team players, and customer-focused and results-driven individuals. Career growth never stops for those who are determined to achieve their goals.

Meet the Collins Aerospace Leaders and Executives

Collins Aerospace is a company that prides itself on its leaders and executives. It has grown to be one of the world’s largest aircraft suppliers. Today, Collins Aerospace continues to build on its heritage as a leader in aerospace manufacturing while enhancing its capabilities to meet future customer demands. This wouldn’t be possible without its leadership team composed of experienced individuals with high expertise, skills, and experience.