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What Are The Top General Dynamics Government Contracts?

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general dynamics government contracts

General Dynamics is an industry giant in aerospace and defense. The company is known for being a leading provider of weapons systems and advanced technology to the US Government. Read here to learn more about the top General Dynamics government contracts in 2022.

Since 1952, General Dynamics has been serving the aerospace and defense sectors. Here are the new and ongoing contracts of General Dynamics.

1. Next Generation Cryptographic Key Loader U.S. Army Contract

  • Federal agency: U.S Army
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract
  • Value: $229 million
  • Contract period: 10 years

U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Command awarded General Dynamics a $229 Million-worth contract to design and develop an approved hand-held device and transfer mission planning information and cryptographic key material.

The Army is looking forward to procuring 265,000 units of The Next Generation Load Device-Medium (NGLD-M) National Security Agency-certified key loader from the company. This U.S. Army Contract is an IDIQ contract with ten years duration.

U.S. government agencies and U.S. global partners will use the NGLD-M to replace the old Simple Key Loader fill devices and deliver the most critical NSA-generated cryptographic keys to tactical. General Dynamics secure that they will design a device that is accessible and functional for mobile soldiers that they can use even in a tactical environment.

2. Navy Submarine Support Extension Contract

  • Federal agency: U.S Navy
  • Value: $532.9 million
  • Contract period: Until October 2023

General Dynamics subsidiary Electric Boat clinched a  $532.9 million contract to support the U.S. Navy’s Virginia-class attack submarines. The contract modification requires GD’S lead-yard support, development studies, and design efforts. The work will occur in the company’s Connecticut and Virginia facilities until October 2023.

General Dynamics supports the US Navy’s warfighting efforts through designing and engineering nuclear submarines critical to defending the nation.

3. USAF Cyber Network Support for US Air Forces in Europe and Africa

  • Federal agency: U.S Air Force
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract
  • Value: $908 million
  • Contract period: 5 years (with a 3-year optional ordering period)

General Dynamics won a $908 million contract from US Air Force. The IDIQ contract aims to provide IT support and enterprise network services to Air Force personnel in Europe and Africa. Under this contract, General Dynamics needs to perform the following IT support services:

  • Cyber readiness support
  • Network control center services and enterprise legacy voice
  • Information systems

The contract’s duration is until July 13, 2027, with a 3-year optional ordering period until July 13, 2030. Most of the work will operate in various European locations, like the UK, Italy, Turkey, and Germany.

4. US Navy’s US and UK Submarine Fire Control Systems

  • Federal agency: U.S Navy
  • Contract type: Cost-plus-incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee, and cost-no-fee contract
  • Value: $272.9 million
  • Contract period: Until July 2028

US Navy awarded General Dynamics Mission Systems a $272.9 million contract to support Weapons Systems Fire Control Subsystem development and production.

The contract is cost-plus-incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee, and cost-no-fee and expects the following services from the company:

  • Develop and install submarine strategic weapons systems and subsystems for US and UK
  • Upgrade strategic weapons for ballistic missile submarines in the US and the UK
  • Provide fire control systems for second and third Columbia-class submarines of the US Navy
  • Provide fire control systems for the third UK Dreadnought class submarine
  • Install support and pre-deployment planning for both US and UK sites
  • Design and plan for Columbia and Dreadnought fire control system

The contract will end in July 2028, and all work will operate in General Dynamics Pittsfield, Massachusetts, headquarters.

5. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency awards User Facing and Data Center Services Contract

  • Federal agency: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Value: $4.5 Billion
  • Contract period: 10 years

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) receive a 10-year User Facing and Data Center Services contract worth $4.5 Billion from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

In this contract, GDIT will provide and support:

  • Hybrid cloud services (commercial clouds and data centers, IT design, engineering, implementation, and operations)
  • Sustain NGA and its mission partners
  • Improve geospatial intelligence capabilities
  • Support global users and deliver a full range of enterprise services
  • Support the IT infrastructure of St. Louis, Next NGA West Campus
  • Perform tech support services in 150 Defense Department and intelligence community sites worldwide

The operations for this contract will initially take five years, with five individual option years in Virginia, St. Louis, and Arnold in Missouri.

6. Defense Intelligence Agency executes Customer Care Center (CCC) Task Order

  • Federal agency: Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Contract type: Fixed-price and award-fee task contract
  • Value: $829 million
  • Contract period: 10 years

In late 2021, GDIT received an $829 million Defense Intelligence Agency fixed-price and award-fee task contract from Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). In this contract, GDIT will provide the following:

  • IT help desk services for DIA sites like Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C, until Jan. 27, 2032.
  • Modern workflows through automation
  • Assist the agency’s first customer experience (CX) team
  • Help gather data insights, advanced analytics, and CX methodologies for the CX team

7. Department of Education requirement to Modernize Federal Student Aid Processing System

  • Federal agency: Department of Education
  • Value: $121.8 million
  • Contract period: 10 years

General Dynamics business unit received a  $121.8 million contract from the Department of Education. The contract’s primary purpose is to develop a system that can identify eligible students who apply for federal aid.

GDIT will create an Award Eligibility Determination platform and replace the existing central processing system. This contract has one year base period with option years until February 2032.

8. State Department’s Global Support Strategy 2.0 Contract

  • Federal agency: U.S. Department of State
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract
  • Value: $3.3 billion
  • Contract period: 10 years

GDIT received a primary contractor designation and had a massive 10-year contract worth $3.3 billion from the U.S. Department of State in January 2021. This contract is an IDIQ contract vehicle that aims to receive overseas consulate support services for the Bureau of Consular Affairs from GDIT. It includes support for visa application and issuance.

9. Guard Enterprise Cyber Operations Support

  • Federal agency: Army National Guard
  • Value: $267 million
  • Contract period: 1-year

GDIT received another government Guard Enterprise Cyber Operations Support contract worth $267 million with the Army National Guard last July 2022. Under this contract, GDIT will support the IT, cybersecurity, and application hosting of the Defense Information Network. This contract will allow soldiers and leaders to access databases and training tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is General Dynamics?

General Dynamics is a massive aerospace and defense firm with several subsidiaries that mainly produce products and services for defense and the military. The company headquarters resides in Reston, Virginia, United States.

Who Are The General Dynamics Leaders?

Phebe N. Novakovic has been the company’s CEO and chairman since 2013. The company’s leadership and management team handle 12,000 employees in over 100 sites. General Dynamics Corporation leaders and executives dedicate their time and effort to innovating technologies that shape a better future.

What Services Does General Dynamics Offer?

General Dynamics creates products and services that primarily serve the government with its four business groups:

  • Aerospace – Leading producer of business jets and aircraft.
  • Marine Systems – US Navy provider of nuclear-powered submarines and auxiliary ship design.
  • Combat Systems – Manufactures premium weapons system, wheeled and tracked combat vehicles.
  • Technologies – Provide technological products and services with specialized software.

The company doesn’t limit its offers to the government. They also cater to clients around the world.

Is General Dynamics a federal contractor?

General Dynamics will be one of the most reliable government contractors in 2022. The company provides combat materials, machines, jets, and tanks to the military.