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AWS Partners with Sumo Logic to Provide Cloud-Based Support for Amazon Security Lake

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Amazon Web Services tapped Sumo Logic to lend its information technology protection and observability capabilities to Amazon Security Lake, a new security data centralization service for organizations.

Sumo Logic announced that its Cloud SIEM and Cloud SOAR platforms will provide additional analytics of cloud and on-premises information that are logged into Security Lake.

The partnership aims to help security teams modernize their operations through cloud-native detection, investigation and response.

Cloud SIEM ranks by urgency and correlates threat alerts from multiple environments. Cloud SOAR gathers data from SIEM and other sources, and uses machine learning to eliminate false positives and duplicates from the reported threats.

“Our early support of AWS Security Lake is another milestone in our partnership to accelerate cloud and digital transformation. It showcases our commitment to incorporate new models in pursuit of customer scale and flexibility,” said Dave Frampton, senior vice president and general manager of Sumo Logic’s security business unit.