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Mattermost’s Brendon Kruk on Taking Action in the Great Competition Era

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The Potomac Officers Club sat down with Brendon Kruk, sales executive at Mattermost, to talk about U.S. foreign policy, driving change in the federal landscape and more during his recent Executive Spotlight interview. Kruk has over two decades of experience and expertise in software and providing technology to the federal government, and in his conversation with POC, he spoke on the importance of software innovation in global competition.

In this excerpt from his interview, Kruk discussed the changes he would enact in the federal government if he had free rein:

“I think we all work for the same team and want to achieve the same goals. What I see the most in the federal landscape is devoted workers that would like to accomplish their mission, but are hamstrung by red tape, overregulation and lack of congressional leadership. At such a crucial time for U.S. national security, my view is that our first three changes would revolve around recognition of the massive security threat posed by the rising power of China. I lived through the Cold War and studied the foreign policy of the USSR, and I do not have a comfortable sense of the urgency of the entire U.S. federal government to confront this challenge.”

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