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Christopher Cleary Unveils DON’s Vision to Achieve Cyberspace Superiority

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Christopher Cleary, the principal cyber adviser of the Department of the Navy, has unveiled a new strategy outlining DON’s priorities and objectives to achieve dominance in the cyberspace domain.

The Cyberspace Superiority Vision identifies three core principles that guide DON’s activities aimed at safeguarding operations against adversary cyberattacks, the Navy said Friday.

The strategy serves as a framework to ensure the security and survivability of DON’s information technology infrastructure and weapon systems and to maintain cyber operators’ defensive capabilities.

“The principles of secure, survive, and strike build an enduring advantage for the Department of the Navy and enable our force to prevail in competition, crisis, and conflict,” Cleary explained.  

The CSV principles were built on the objectives outlined in the Navy’s framework for achieving information superiority.

The Information Superiority Vision, released in February 2020, seeks to modernize, innovate and defend the service branch’s information systems against cyber vulnerabilities.