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Senate Bill to Require Foreign Funding Disclosure Reports From Think Tanks

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Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has introduced new legislation to require think tanks and nonprofit social welfare organizations to disclose funding they receive from foreign governments.

In a statement published Wednesday, Grassley said that public policy nonprofits secure significant amount of funding from foreign powers, including China, Russia and Qatar, for policy research, recommendations and expert testimony.

“Those foreign powers clearly have an interest in directing American foreign, domestic and security policy to their benefit. Congress, the executive branch, and the American people deserve to know who’s influencing research and public policy in our country,” Grassley said.

The Think Tank Transparency Act requires that think tanks and nonprofits that inform U.S. policy or influence public opinion submit disclosure reports to the Department of Justice within 90 days of receiving funds from foreign governments.

Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich., introduced a companion bill in the House of Representatives.