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CGI Federal Completes Government Upgrades of ERP Software Ahead of Treasury Mandate; John Owens Quoted

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Information technology company CGI’s federal business is commemorating the achievement of delivering the most recent version of their enterprise resource planning application to a slew of U.S. government agencies.

In the past year alone, CGI Federal has installed the upgraded version of their Momentum platform for almost 20 federal government entities, ensuring compatibility with the recently debuted U.S. Treasury Government-Invoicing architecture, the Fairfax, Virginia-based subsidiary said Wednesday.

John Owens, CGI Federal senior vice president and enterprise solutions group lead, detailed how the upgrading of agencies’ Momentum program is aimed to stay ahead of a federal deadline of October 1. According to Owens, this will allow agencies to remain current on their G-invoicing implementations, as the team at CGI in charge of Momentum “proactively monitors Treasury post-mandate enhancements.”

In its newly updated form, Momentum is designed to assist agencies with activities such as developing and housing interagency agreements, devising orders, tracking performance and dispatching funds, so that they can ultimately complete Treasury-related objectives efficiently.

Over the last three years, the U.S. Treasury has sought CGI Federal’s counsel while creating the criteria and specifications for their G-invoicing mandates. Momentum users enjoy automated processes for G-invoicing such as streamlined terms and conditions, pull only and push/pull order integration models and comprehensive related billing, collecting, payment, adjustment and accrual practices.

The most recent Momentum incarnation additionally deepens a feature allowing for reimbursal transaction management.

In July, CGI Federal won a spot on a contract from the Federal Communications Commission to conduct a broad spectrum of information technology services, including system modernization and cloud migration.