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FBI Campaign Seeks to Raise Cybersecurity Awareness in Washington Metropolitan Area

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The FBI has kicked off a three-month-long campaign in the Washington metropolitan area to inform government and private institutions about a rise in cyber threats and to help them reinforce the country’s cybersecurity.

The Washington Field Office-led campaign from June to September will highlight the need for organizations to partner with their local bureau in preparation for possible cyber attacks including those against critical infrastructure and supply chain, the agency said Tuesday.

To raise awareness, the FBI will conduct presentations to local industry groups and use both traditional and social media channels to engage with government and private sector players.

“When organizations in the National Capital Region partner with the FBI’s Washington Field Office, we can share intelligence, threat trends, and actionable guidance to strengthen their defenses against cybersecurity attacks,” said Wayne Jacobs, special agent in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office’s Criminal and Cyber Division.

He added that collaboration will help the FBI in its incident response, threat identification and damage mitigation efforts.