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Mitre Aims to Help Government, Industry Explore ‘Strategic Competition’ Through New Center

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Mitre has launched a center to help the country’s U.S. public and private sector leaders gain an insight into military competition below armed conflict and other related areas.

The Center for Strategic Competition seeks to combine the nonprofit corporation’s technical services with analytics and modeling tools to support decision-makers, Mitre said Thursday.

Ashton Carter, who served as the 25th Department of Defense secretary, delivered a speech at the center’s launch event.

“We need to, as ever in our post-World War II history, have a close and constructive relationship between the wider technology sector outside of defense and the needs of the country,” said Carter, who is also a visiting fellow at Mitre.

Beth Meinert, a Mitre vice president, said the opening of the new center culminates a two-year effort to create a framework and an analysis technology suite intended for data-driven strategic competition assessment work.