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IBM to Double-Down on Partnership with CISA via JCDC to Fight Cybercrime

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IBM has announced it will perpetuate its relationship with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) by working as an alliance partner in the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC).

The computer hardware company said Thursday it intends to share information with the CISA and JCDC in hopes of mounting a cohesive strategy against cybercrime. The organizations aim to prevent cybercrimes from happening but respond efficiently and exactingly when they do occur.

IBM reports that through incident responses across industries they have developed protection procedures that include threat monitoring capabilities and open-source data and intelligence about threat groups. They will share these findings via their X-Force Exchange platform.

Over the past several months cybercrime in the U.S. has increased, mostly in the form of financial thefts and state-sponsored attacks. It’s due to this uptick that IBM and CISA, through the JCDC, are motivated to act.

One such example of notable cybercriminal activity was due to the Log4j data breach in late 2021. Executive Gov reported on the breach, as well as published General Dynamics Chief Information Security Officer Michael Baker’s thoughts on the crisis in January 2022.

In a survey polling over 500 information technology leaders in July 2021, IBM found that agencies intended to prioritize cybersecurity funding for the 2022 fiscal year.