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Airgility Selected for the AFWERX Revolutionizing USAF Flight Line Operations Challenge

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Pramod Raheja, chief executive officer and co-founder of Airgility, announced on LinkedIn that the company has been selected to attend the AFWERX Revolutionizing USAF Flight Line Operations Challenge

Airgility was selected to attend under the Flightline Security Subtopic, where the company will be showcasing its MS-1 Kampe™, which features on-board autonomy & artificial intelligence.

The Flightline Security Challenge aims to improve flightline security for both permanent and temporary bases as each possesses unique challenges and distinct needs regarding flightline protection and location-specific threats.

Airgility emerged as one of only 34 companies that were selected for the pitch and showcase out of the 208 companies that submitted technologies to solve Air Force flight line security problems.

The AFWERX Revolutionizing USAF Flightline Operations initiative is made up of three challenges targeted at leveraging the best technology and services to create an integrated flightline while maintaining security, being resilient and increasing agility.