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Klas Government Announces C5ISR Tactical Communications Enabling Voyager 6 Chassis; CRO Chris Ericksen Quoted

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Klas Government
Klas Government

Klas Government announced on Wednesday the availability of Voyager 6, the company’s latest breakthrough versatile chassis enabling the Department of Defense (DOD) to easily integrate C5ISR tactical communications systems into military ground vehicles without requiring modifications to the vehicle.

Voyager 6 meets Standardized A-Kit Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) requirements and enables a significant reduction in time and costs required to integrate the solution into current and future military vehicles that support the SINCGARS MT-6352 mounting tray.

“With Voyager 6, troops now have access to a tactical comms package that meets SAVE specifications for Size, Weight and Power, unlocking unlimited compute in a limited vehicle footprint,” said Chris Ericksen, Klas Government’ chief revenue officer.

“Klas remains focused on delivering technology at the speed of battle, and Voyager 6 makes vehicle modernization possible without the need for costly, time-consuming modifications,” added Ericksen.

Voyager 6 solves common problems with C5ISR tactical communication integration, such as limited processing and finite shelf life for tactical equipment, by extending processing and analytical power to edge environments. Simultaneously, it operates as a standardized envelope for innovation that seamlessly integrates into military vehicles.

Along with being modular with a scalable range network, Voyager enables users to repurpose existing Voyager modules and chassis with the ability to incorporate new capabilities as a given mission dictates quickly.

Ericksen concluded, “Klas is already working with CMOSS partners to fit the open systems architecture into the SAVE envelope, and our DOD customers can for the first time, bring the immense power of the cloud to enable artificial intelligence, analytics and other applications into the field and by wrapping in our Tactical Cloud Platform, commanders have access to applications and data at the edge, even when disconnected.”