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Space Force Starts to Lend M-Code GPS Receivers to US Allies via Multinational Arrangement

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The U.S. Space Force is allowing the loan of precise positioning service receiver cards for use in military GPS capability testing work in partner nations as part of a three-year multinational initiative established by USSF's Space and Missile Systems Center.

Project Arrangement took effect when Canada co-signed the document in Dec. and the Canadian government received the initial M-code PSS receivers last month, USSF said Thursday.

The arrangement calls for U.S. allies to test Increment 1 Military GPS User Equipment at laboratories and on the field and share data from MGUE performance and compatibility tests.

USSF projected that France, Germany, South Korea and the U.K. will receive Increment 1 MGUE technology. The military branch noted that Australia, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands intend to join the loan program later this year.

Space and Missile Systems Center coordinated with the Department of Defense's chief information officer and the U.S. Air Force's deputy undersecretary for international affairs to create the program.

M-code technology is designed to help secure positioning, navigation and timing systems against jamming or spoofing attacks.