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Cobham-Built Tech Assists in Precision Landing of NASA Rover on Mars

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Cobham‘s mission systems business said Tuesday its space pyrotechnic valves on the NASA Perseverance rover mission supported precise landing on Mars. Eight valves fired at exactly the right moment to allow an on-target guided entry, descent and landing on Mars as the Rover’s transitioned from parachute to retrorockets deceleration.

“Cobham Mission Systems is so proud to support NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with proven space propulsion solutions that power Mars exploration,” said Craig Ryan, integrated product team director for Space Systems at Cobham Mission Systems.

During Perseverance’s seven-month voyage to Mars, the pyrovalves were kept closed to isolate fuel until the journey’s final minutes. During the Rover’s descent, the pyrovalves enabled precise navigation and landing by releasing needed fuel on cue, safely landing Perseverance into the scientifically rich location selected by NASA scientists.

Cobham Mission Systems’ pyrovalves are compatible with NASA Standard Initiators and are fully flight qualified.

“We have a long heritage of providing space technologies, starting with the design of John Glenn’s breathing regulator used in the world-famous Project Mercury flight in 1962. Nearly sixty years later, we are delighted to play a role in the successful Perseverance rover Mars landing. Congratulations to the NASA [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] team and all involved,” concluded Ryan.